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Shamim Ahmed Khan

Graduated and joined the Seafood trade in 1993.He worked in a very reputed Seafood Export House as Plant-in-charge and was later promoted to the level of Manager. Later, he joined BEEU Group of companies to promote his group business. Initially, entrusted with the job of procurement of Raw Materials he was later promoted as Executive (Finance) and Administration. Today, he leads the Finance and Administration units of S.A.Exports.

Anis Ahmed Khan

Very ambitious. Chased his dreams at an early age as he knew exactly what he wanted to be right then! He stepped into Seafood Division Of group Business and took the existing connect with channel partners to an unprecedented level. He has been in the shrimp business for nearly two decades now. He started his career taking on the responsibility of Working at the grassroot level, interacting with the farmers, suppliers and agent in West Bengal and Orissa. His endeavor has earned him a strong identity in Seafood industry. He leads the Purchases & Production units of S.A.exports. His activity stretches beyond professional life and he spends quality time on social activities. His credentials and contribution to industry and society have been variously acknowledged. In 2008, The Marine Products Export development Authority, Ministry of commerce & Industry, Government of India appointed him as Authority Member. He is also an Advisory Board Member of one of India’s leading schools, Delhi Public school Megacity, Kolkata.


Zafar Ahmed Khan

Graduated in Engineering and joined this group business, starting his career as a site engineer. He led successfully many projects and completed them in record time. He was instrumental in exploiting new opportunities in Real Estate business. His vision stand out in his own league as one of the top Developers from Eastern India paved the way to his leading the Group’s Real Estate business.

Shahzada Salim Khan

Business Graduate. It was his passion to venture into Retail business and he went through a detailed study of manufacturing designer Footwear and Accessories. Later, he embarked on his Retail journey with the successful launch of MBO store in Kolkata. He went further on to open franchise store in Eastern India with leading sports retailer planet sports. Moreover, he was also entrusted with the sole distributorship of planet sport goods in Eastern India. Today, he leads the Operation units of Magnet.


Pervez Ahmed Khan

Graduated in Engineering. Further he pursued MBA. His vision was to race to the top league of international fashion brands. He keenly observed BEEU Group’s retail unit and rode his extensive research in the India fashion industry, discovering that there was little on offer in Exclusive Ladies’ Footwear and Accessories targeting rich and upper middle class women. With the emergence of organized retail sector in India he modeled the concept of Brand Magnet and led the operation of the first EBO store at High Street of Bangalore, India. Today, he leads the Business Development unit of Magnet.

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